Reckhorn BS-200i Bass Shaker

Reckhorn BS-200i Bass Shaker

Latest model of the 100W Bass Shaker for home cinema, simulation, gaming, car audio and therapy use. Ideal for installations that require a low profile device.


The new BS-200i has a slightly larger magnet that produces a deeper vibration and is stronger than the previous model.

This improvement in performance is achieved with the use of high quality components and close tolerance manufacturing techniques.
The 75mm voice coil has the highest possible heat resistance of 250° C and the aluminium housing cools the voice coil by heat dissipation and ventilation.
The moving magnet system is securely guided with two glass fibre reinforced dampers for stable control – even at high power.
The resonant frequency is around 35 Hz, which results in very controlled bass impulses with a softer suspension.

A variable low pass filter should be employed when using a standard power amplifier to prevent unwanted audio frequencies being passed to the shaker.
We recommend the low-pass filter setting should be around 50-80 Hz for movies and 100-150 Hz for gaming and simulation.

In order to vibrate correctly, the base of the BS-200i must lie completely flat against the vibrating surface with no overhang. The most secure screw connection
is made using particleboard screws with a toothed washer, but nuts and bolts can also be used where appropriate.

NOTE: Each BS-200i now includes 4 FREE G-44 rubber isolators.

*Optional MB-1 Mounting Bracket:
The MB-1 mounting bracket allows the attachment of the BS-200i transducer to any round tube or post up to a maximum post diameter of 45mm.


Box Contents

1 x BS-200i Shaker
1 x Screw Set
4 x G-44 Rubber Isolators


Technical information

Power Handling (RMS): 100 Watts
Impulse Power (2 seconds): 200 Watts
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Diameter: 158mm
Height: 45mm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Mounting Hole Diameter (3): 5mm